A b o u t
     As we make our way through the world, there is so much around us that we often fail to notice. The map of history awaits our curious gaze if we decide to slow down and observe. For professional photographer and naturalist Andre Delgalvis, taking a closer look at the landscape around him led to some amazing discoveries that energized scientists and sparked the imaginations of many casual explorers.

     His practiced eye has yielded new knowledge of the Earth’s earlier inhabitants, as he brings to light numerous trackways of dinosaurs, which reveal the ways they walked, crouched, and ran across what is now southern Utah.
His message is one of living in a sense of wonder, of a willingness to deeply know your surroundings, and to be open to the possibilities that unfold.

     In his book “The Lost Tracks: A Journey of Discovery,” Delgalvis offers the story of his own journey, as well as a blueprint for others who wish to awaken to their own landscape.